A single mama of 2 myself (boy 10 years old and a girl of 6 years old. Single mom for 4 years) the internet has been my number 1 go to for inspiration and a lift up for times of desperation. Every (single) parent could do with at least a few coaching sessions to help you deal with all these new situations, but coaching can be very expensive. Money hasn’t always been around so I started to look for online inspiration and help. The abundance I have found online is nohting short of pure magic.  A true gift.

From powerful teachings, inspiration, practical tips for earning more money (espcially for single parents – I want to work towards being able to help you create better financial situations for you and your family. But this is for the near future), relaxation and laughter.

Over the years I have found so much good content. Free content. And I want to share it with you so you too can benefit from it.